Don’t Let This World Steal Your Well Being

You can’t fill from an empty cup. Yet with the constant information overload we get from social media, it can be so easy to slip into. There’s always something new to be outraged about; we’re inundated with a stream of horrendous news on a daily basis.

“If you’re not angry you’re not paying attention”. Yeah, it’s true but what happens when you’re so angry with the state of our world that you hardly have a chance to come up for air? We get so caught up in everything going wrong that we become blind to any of the good. And as a result, our mental health can suffer.

I’ve certainly found myself stuck in this gyre of negativity. Some days, my anxiety around climate change can feel debilitating. I hear the latest news on the state of our government and I feel sick. Another video of a hate crime surfaces and I can barley contain the pure anger I feel that this is where we are as a society.

But we’ve got to let some of that stress go. I can personally attest to how difficult this can be, but it’s so important. You’re still living your life regardless of what’s happening on the news. And changing the world around us always starts from within.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first. Take a break from your phone. Tune out the news from a day or a week or maybe even two weeks. Recenter and don’t feel the need to take on all of this world’s anger. No, this doesn’t equate to ignoring your privilege or not caring. It’s simply allowing yourself to take a break.

As broken as this world may seem, there’s still so much good in it. I can see it in the smiles of my friends and family. It’s in the fresh coat of snow blanketing Colorado today. You can find it hiding in the anonymous donations, helping hand and passing compliments from strangers happening all around us right now. And on the days its not as easy to find, if you have it in you, be the good.

This blog post is brief but, especially on a day like World Mental Health Day, I feel its message is important. Take care of yourself. Release some of that anger; it is, after all, often times a secondary emotion used to cover up our more vulnerable feelings. Put your mental health above all else. And then, when you’re ready, take this world by storm.

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